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Here comes, for your attention is represented by the Atom!

Do you loss too much time to creation of animation for the text?

It seems that it was possible to use it for something more useful and necessary?

There is a quick and convenient solution to save your time and effort, download and start using the Atom extension now.

The library of the application consists more than of 700 ready-to-made text animation which are convenient for using.

Original or classic, simple and difficult – animation, created especially for you, for every taste.

Did not find the necessary animation? No kidding? Mix existing presets to get completely new and original!

Add, remove, and mix in couple of clicks!

Easily to customize the animation time via markers – for achieve the necessary effect. Customize the interface for your comfort.

Simplify to yourself life. Use Atom.


700+ Text Presets (*.ATOM Package for Extension)

Atom the extension included.



700+ Text Presets ready-to-use

25 Different Categories

IN & OUT animation inclusively

Handy Extension to use the presets with Live Preview ( GET DEMO )

Live Preview & Apply – comfortly to work

Duration Control – change the duration via markers (IN and OUT)

Mix Mode – Mix existing presets to get new and original (more 100.000+ variations)

Control the presets – Add, remove or replace any applied preset

Detailed Information ( Help Center / Video Tutorials )

No Plugins Required

Compatible with After Effects CC14.2 and above (tested on CC15, CC17, CC18, CC19)

How To Install:

1. Install "Setup Atom 2.1.6" in folder "Atom Crk & AtomX Extension"
2. Open AE, go to: Window\Extension\Atom - Drag and Drop "Text Animation Presets.atom" in Folder "Package"
3. Type anything in Purchase Code Box.
4. Done
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Created Sep 25, 2020
Updated Sep 28, 2020
Software After Effects
Category Lower thirds
Tags Merakdan

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