→ Full HD Resolution
→ 30fps and 29.97 fps
→ Compatible with After Effects
→ Rendered mov files
→ Alpha Mattes
→ No plug-in required

How to edit green screen using adobe premiere pro.
Steps to create footage using "Ultra Key" option in adobe premiere pro:
1. First of all create a new project on adobe premiere pro.
2. Now import OMER J GRAPHICS green screen video in project library. Then add green screen footage to your sequence.
3. Go to the effect tab and find the Ultra Key effect. now drag and drop the Ultra Key effect onto your clip.
4. Go to the effects control tab Then
5. Select the eyedropper icon to select the green color on the your main display video frame.
6. Now use the setting choice to select however aggressive the result works.
7. Play with the numbers beneath Matte Generation till all the ‘noise’ is gone. sometimes your inexperienced screen scene isn’t good. therefore shadows and highlights won’t be ‘keyed out’ till you create changes with the Matte Generation.

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