Easy to customize and work with. Looped camera movement. Reacting particles to music.
Font included.

Required plugins:
▸Trapcode SoundKeys
▸Trapcode Particular

AE Version needed:
▸Adobe After Effects CS6 or higher

Buyer will have ability to:

Edit (from control panel):
▸ ▸Particle:
⦁ Minimum Speed
⦁ Maximum Speed
⦁ Amount (particles per second)
⦁ Size of particles

▸▸Camera movement:
⦁ Position frequency
⦁ Position amplitude
⦁ Loop Time
⦁ Orientation frequency
⦁ Orientation amplitude
⦁ Orientation loop time

▸▸Character position
▸▸Object 1 and Object 2 positions
▸▸Text position
▸▸Text rotation
▸▸Logo position

(Song, music file and background are not included).



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Created Nov 29, 2017
Updated May 12, 2020
Software After Effects
Category Audio visualizer
Tags ZaxXx FX Paralax HDTD Audio visualizer Audio React
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