Frequently asked questions

What is Velosofy?

Velosofy is a platform for template creators and for people who are looking for free graphics. It promotes different kinds of templates, from intro templates to lower thirds. Anyone can register and start publishing their free templates.
How can I submit a template?
Anyone can register and submit their templates. To do this you have to link your YouTube channel to your velosofy account (?). After that you can submit any template that has been posted on your YouTube channel.

In order to get your template approved. You have to provide a good enough template, a working download link and correct sorting information (category, software, dimension, tags, ...).
Once you have submitted your template, a moderator will approve your template.
What is a featured template?
A featured template is a template that has been posted on the main Velosofy YouTube channel. Featured templates have a green border on the thumbnail on this website.
How can I get my template featured?
If your template is good enough, we might feature your template. This will mean that it will be posted on the main Velosofy YouTube channel and seen by hundreds of thousands of people.
My video got denied.
Every template that gets posted on the website, is moderated. Only if the video is a free template and has a real download, will the post get approved.
My template is on hold
A template receives this status when the video has been taken down or went private. We use this to give you the opportunity to make it public again. When you changed the video to public, please contact us so we can change the status of your template.
Someone uploaded my template.
If you can prove that a template posted on Velosofy is indeed yours, please contact us so we can get it removed.
Why do I have to link my YouTube account?
We ask you to link your YouTube account so we can confirm that you have the rights to post your template. Once you have linked your YouTube account to your Velosofy account, we save your channel username so we can embed the channel art on our site. We don't modify anything on your account. You can always unlink the app from your YouTube account, if you still don't trust our service.
I have a great suggestion for!
We always like hearing feedback from our users. If you have any suggestions about new features on Please don't hesitate to contact us and let us know!

Still have questions? Contact us.