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Created Mar 31, 2021
Updated Apr 01, 2021
Software Panzoid
Category Intro
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Downloading the template will give you a .zip file which contains the .pz project file from panzoid. Uploading the template on Panzoid will show a "Original Inspiration" which will direct you to the original template posted.

Backup download link directs you to my creation link.

- Created on: August 19, 2020

- Copyright Information can be found on the Description on both the YouTube video and the Panzoid Link.

- As promised, Minecraft CM2 Template. No images were used in this template. except the shadow and the text gradient. The background is fully CM2 including over 1000 objects.

- Time Used:
- 4h creation time
- 7m render
- Render time depends on your PC Specifications.

- Font: Minecrafter | Minecraft
- Inspiration: SappyFX [TEXT]
- Music: C418 - Sweden (Caution & Crisis Remix)

- Statistics
- Intro: 2160p60 (4k) | 1440p60 (2k) on YouTube

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