Price Free
Created 02 October 2016
Last update 29 October 2016
Views 110,793
Dimension 2D
Software Blender
Category Intro
Comments 6
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Look At Mah Eevee's :3 19 September 2017
How do you use the Intros?
Smert Penguin 18 November 2016
Can whoever made this make an outro with this almost the same music and basically the same theme but as an outro. Could you guys possibly do that for me?
Codargo S 12 November 2016
when i play rendered animation it gives me a caution sign anyone know how to fix it?
Deadly Kangaroo 06 November 2016
i cant find what software was used for the #2 blender template
Velosofy 49 06 November 2016
Blender templates are for Blender :) 10 October 2016
please tell me, can i use this template for videos as an intro... as well the music
Velosofy 49 11 October 2016
Yes you can
Josie X Blue J 03 October 2016
Nice one! It's even my favorite color, blue!