Price Free
Created 26 May 2016
Last update 26 May 2016
Views 388,254
Dimension 3D
Software Cinema 4D
Category Intro
Comments 25
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Masive LP 1 1 year ago
To change name open 4D and there is /Null/MoText click on /MoText and there is "NAME" so change to "YOUR NAME"
yukio 1 year ago
How to do u can be the name
En3rgetic Nathan 1 year ago
How do u change the name of it I want it as an intro for my channel also the channel name is En3rgetic Nathan sub plz but u don't have to watch
Skillz kid 02 September 2018
I have the same question
Skillz kid 02 September 2018
I have the same question
AVATARIJA FuN 1 year ago
i wan't donwloaded and change nime
can you make me one with the name of Oliver Baaren Spence
How do you change the template name??
Oliver Baaren Spence 02 July 2017
yeah how do you
eren 077 :DD 1 year ago
indirmiyor bu ya bilen varmı
eric magalaes vieira 2 years ago
como fas o doenload
how do you change the texts?!!!
Nathan Gernert 2 years ago
Bomber F 06 September 2017
How ?
Rose Quartz 2 years ago
it wont let me download like omg ;c
Sassy Sisters 04 June 2017
same here
Sassy Sisters 04 June 2017
scroll down and it will have link will appear in ... seconds
Gamer Squad 2 years ago
Hiw do you change the text ?
theoneandonly lovelywolf1988 26 February 2017
i also wonder the same
AodhGamer TV 2 years ago
this dosn't work for meh how do u download it D:
Pasion - Agario 2 years ago
Nice and it works ;) And this is EZ To download 2 idk why is eveyone is having a hard time with this ;/
blakeHDgaming 2 years ago
how do you change the template name then
GamingRens 2 years ago
it won't let me download it.
Turtle Tom 2 years ago
It won't let me download it.
How do you change the lettering?
Pegla 2 years ago
How do I change letters
kunsiripat 2 years ago
alex's Modding Group 2 years ago
I LOVE that song !!
I am not A PERSON 2 years ago
is there any template that has Blue Skies (Revoke remix)???
pixelation 2 years ago
I downloaded this but can't render it, does anybody know what I need to change?
pixelation 08 August 2016
Nevermind, I think I fixed it! I needed to change the file location.
Do you know how to change the template name if you do please help me
How can I change template to My name JAWBLUTHEDAWN don't woody if you were to check that out aka my channel it sucks but I have future plans for it that will give it a hand
i Love This Song
What is the songs name?
J_baby 24 12 August 2016
id love to change the world