Price Free
Created 29 May 2016
Last update 29 May 2016
Views 134,764
Dimension 3D
Software Cinema 4D
Category Intro
Comments 14
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TigerGamingYT 25 December 2017
When i click the download button on this page it does not work i subscribed both channels followed on google+ and twitter but it still does not work
ArmYGamEr542 29 May 2017
This is a awesome website
Luis Lopez 05 November 2016
DevL Gaming Network 18 September 2016
wht plugins do u guys used in this intro?? (for both ae&c4d)
Gamer God 01 September 2016
How do I get 4D Cinema
That Is Awesome But Every Time I Try To Download It Says Subscribe And Follow And I Subscribe And Followed You On Google +
Velosofy 49 18 August 2016
Make sure JavaScript is enabled in your browser. The download button should be visible then.
The EnderBoy 18 August 2016
thats so cool
Spy18girl AwsomeVids 04 August 2016
this anime voice just got heard
torturedsoul14 16 July 2016
how do i change the name
The EnderBoy 18 August 2016
when you have cinema 4d then you see right up:name, name 2 and some more stuff, then click on name (right up) and right down write your name, and right up click on the second name and write your name
MTRX Wolverine 07 July 2016
How do you you put the name you want?
instant gaming 27 June 2016
How to put your name ever
Setup 26 June 2016
Thanks dude ! Good jooob
Oblivous Gaming 25 June 2016
yeah how to add in in our videos
FaZe Xero 22 June 2016
how do u download this intro
gaspi001 YT 18 July 2016