Price Free
Created 26 June 2016
Last update 26 June 2016
Views 188,466
Dimension 3D
Software Cinema 4D
Category Intro
Comments 26
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Dan MacDonald 1 14 February 2018
can you link the plugins. it says missing them all
SkyHigh Nightcore 17 June 2018
you need to own all the plugins or else it wont work
hy12021 -o_O 13 July 2017
help I can't open the download link ~~~!!!!
Haileycam 12 24 March 2017
I know I'm so stressed out because it's so clompicateing
Crazy Joe 22 February 2017
I need 1
deathrainbow 19 February 2017
how do you get this intro
Kaylyn 23 December 2016
I'm totes getting the Pana one my subscribers will love my intro
Beast Gamer 18 October 2016
cool panda
iloy x 09 October 2016
ihateu409 17 September 2016
Okay guys FIRST OFF: You need Cinema 4D You will also NEED After Effects 2015 or something like that. SECOND: To edit the Name go into Cinema 4d in the top right you will see a box :) and its going to say the following. -Do not open k -Text -Supreme's HDRI -intro Template by RequFx After you have located the damn box open -Text by pressing the plus button + click on it and its going to say (YOUR NAME) on both of them because it's 2 different layers click on that and go to object on the box on the bottom right change the 'NAME' to your Name and do that for the other layer.
Ghost king 67 12 September 2016
Dibujos y juegos_Ma87 xd 10 September 2016
quiero uno
Scootleo 29 August 2016
how can i change the name on the intro
Mr.Whitecore Mr.Whitecore 22 August 2016
looking these comments wanted me to cringe. Look guys, this intro need 2 software cinema 4d and adobe after effects cc. stop asking how to make it and dont make it like a worst intro on a bad intro. Also, im asking im missing 4 effects using this intro can some1 help?
TBNRGaming PlayzMinecraft 14 August 2016
Velosofy Can You Plz Make This Keizer Just For My Intro IN YT PLZ
TBNRGaming PlayzMinecraft 14 August 2016
Can You Send It On
Adrian Shum 12 August 2016
nvm got it...was not in my previous download of this template.
Adrian Shum 12 August 2016
Ok now that I have downloaded this template. Where is the Adobe After Effects that is supposed to come with the Template? Or could someone please direct we on how to edit this template after I changed my name in c$d
Mr.Whitecore Mr.Whitecore 22 August 2016
idk but my effects is missing 4 effects from plugins
DrChivero 26 July 2016
How can I replace where it says NAME with my youtube username??
G-Star_ Gamer 09 August 2016
Yeah that's what I'm try to figure out
Optic Green 26 July 2016
What is the font
Miriam Aguilar 18 July 2016
how can yu put this as your youtube channel
Pan Da 18 July 2016
how do you edit it
kg android 16 July 2016
where is the submit fore
xxKaikoxx 13 July 2016
How may I try to download this? I'm so confused.. Btw Awesome job mate!
Velosofy 49 13 July 2016
Click on the download button. Make sure JavaScript is enabled and the download will show.
Locus 03 July 2016
dude this intro is amazing but I cant buy Cinema 4D :( but great job!
StewieTV122 1 01 July 2016
Tyler Sparling 28 June 2016
please do a cow intro for my cowygaming channel
Joey Sluterbeck 28 June 2016