Price Free
Created 17 July 2016
Last update 17 July 2016
Views 80,492
Dimension 3D
Software Cinema 4D
Category Intro
Comments 8
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Emmanuel Cozma 2 years ago
Its The best intro for me thank you velosofy
ZaRo Rampage 2 years ago
Where do you put your name? ( I might just be dumb)
Haley Acord 2 years ago
how do i put welcome back on it I'm on a computer
Arib 37messi 2 years ago
i want put my name on the intro how
JoshDeathHammer 2 years ago
Are you able to do the customization on a mobile reply for answer please
Velosofy 50 05 September 2016
No it's not possible to edit these templates on mobile.
Emily Allen 2 years ago
could you make an intro using sand storm apache
Brandonlikeminecraft 2 years ago
how do u put ur name in the middle
PandaGamer HD 2 years ago
Hey Velosofy Can You Please leave a video about that intro tutorial I got trouble when i was rendering C4D And I don'tknow where i put file named 'Drop In And Close Texture Fix' If you read that have a good day and make a tutorial please
Velosofy 50 20 July 2016
Sure, we will be uploading a tutorial for this soon!