Price Free
Created 31 July 2016
Last update 31 July 2016
Views 140,693
Dimension 3D
Software Cinema 4D
Category Intro
Comments 14
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* Naion * 1 year ago
can you make one for me plz... "Spunkmodz"
gamehack 2 years ago
How do iwrite the name of the fallopain
Maniac Matt God 2 years ago
we subscribe to i just want a cool into for my youtube channel
Yusuf Rizky 2 years ago
can i use this? but... how
Mads Madsovic 2 years ago
Velosofy I think you have to answer us. Some of us can't download the template, we subscribed and liked all ur pages, but nothing happens.... WHAT TO DO?
Velosofy 50 24 September 2016
Just make sure you have JavaScript enabled in your browser. Then the download button should become visible.
fedq fedq 12 December 2016
Same here....
ahmed adel 16 January 2017
velosofy the download button already appeared but when i click on it it says error
thegaming holty 2 years ago
how do i download this
Wil Holman 2 years ago
Can some please reply to this I am subscribe and liking and doing everything but I can't download it
Tutor Games 2 years ago
how do I change the name of the intro
Klinti Cejku 2 years ago
it is only blue when i render on cinema4D is it a problem
Vivideo Channel 2nd 2 years ago
The color of mine is only blue ? Why ?
Rockin AMVGirl 2 years ago
can i use this for youtube
The.Crazy_ Family 2 years ago
how i can download it with name : The.Crazy_Family
DiamondBlogsTV 2 years ago
can I use this for my youtube channel
Velosofy 50 09 August 2016
Simon 1 2 years ago
Dead On Sync!