Price Free
Created 28 August 2016
Last update 28 August 2016
Views 151,929
Dimension 3D
Software Cinema 4D
Category Intro
Comments 13
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Mr Awesome 1 year ago
Hey how to put my channel name
The Techniq BOSS 1 year ago
Help me...
Thanks! This Worked A lot! Love This Website, Because Of All The Good Music!
Valentin Millot 1 year ago
Help me I do not know how to install it
HC Skills 2 years ago
its still not letting me download the templates
Animal jam For life 2 years ago
um i like all and followed and i still can't make it
Velosofy 48 09 November 2016
Make sure javascript is enabled in your browser.
Viper 2 years ago
Thais is so cool, plz can someone do it for me with my name = Viper
IMVUVevo 2 years ago
so cool but i have one question can i dowload this on another way without login to fb or twitter coz i dont have it
Velosofy 48 22 October 2016
You dont have to use twitter or facebook. You can just wait 30 seconds and the download button will become visible.
misterfete 2 years ago
Can you make the intro 3d 56 and put misterfete has the place of the "name"
Ender Jhays15 2 years ago
Me work me an intro please for minecraft
SilverAttack 2 years ago
How do we modify the template ?? Can you do a video on that ??
ßŔĤOOMƐ 2 years ago
Tyra Dagerus 2 years ago