FREE 3D Intro #58 | Cinema 4D/AE Template
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DeXeT 23 August 2017
I have no plugins for these effects. What i have to do?!
* Naion * 29 January 2017
sorry this is a wrong number please make one for me naion
* Naion * 29 January 2017
CAN YOU MAKE ONE FOR ME PLEASE NAME- *Naion* GMAIL- twitter- Games Villa whatsapp number- +91 9805774976
Masterlion 101 1 24 December 2016
How do I download it?
rantoshreg the gamer 17 December 2016
how do u put it on YOUTUBE
rantoshreg the gamer 17 December 2016
plz reply back velosofy
Anewbie 24 October 2016
This is a cool intro! Does anyone have instructions on how to edit it? I installed Adobe After Effects but cannot figure our where the item to edit the name is located at.
Moska 18 October 2016
What is the font used in the intro?