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Created Dec 03, 2020
Updated Jan 06, 2021
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So there you go, another Fully Animated 5 min Live Stream Starting Soon Screen for Free. Meet Sleaky Ninja. A clean animated design and animation series with an aggressive vibe for your live stream. But this time I have made the animation 1 step further. You will see a smooth moving animation on to the trees.

I always made the animations fully animated but this time I have also added color-changing options. You can choose whatever color you want, within your stream software in 3 simple easy steps & less than 5 seconds.

🔸 Pls, watch the video to know how to do that. I have included a full tutorial on this video. From how to download, setup on obs & slobs, how to change color in obs & slobs.

I have also great news, I will launch the full pack of this theme for free. But you need to subscribe. After we reach 500 subscribers I will launch the pack. It's completely free to subscribe. I don't love to force someone to subscribe to download my designs & animations.

🔸 But pls believe me I have given around 3 weeks to design and animate this pack. I made this with love only for you, if you give a like, subscribe, and share this, you are helping your bro to grow this small channel. Thanks a lot for that :)


🔒 This free download is password-protected, and the password will pop-up in any part of the video. Pls, watch the video till the end to find out the password. 🔒

🔸 This stream starting soon screen is optimized for streaming on any platform like twitch, youtube, etc with any broadcasting software (Streamlabs, OBS, etc). Also, I have given a dedicated space for placing your logo to give this starting soon screen your own touch.

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