Price Free
Created 26 May 2016
Last update 26 May 2016
Views 521,823
Dimension 2D
Software Sony Vegas
Category Intro
Comments 7
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Burcu Karatas 9 months ago
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TheGlebGaming 1 year ago
как вписать наше имя
Jess 1 year ago
how do we put our name
Harshit Singh 29 September 2017
install sony vegas software. then download this template. you will get a vegas software file. in that see in the bottom, you will find 3 different boxes from which theres one written as name. right click and click on "edit generated media". then render at internet 1080p mp4 from the top left corner.
WizardS 2 years ago
how do we put our name ?
Bot Polooo 2 years ago
Je le télécharge mais quand je peux pas utiliser open to edit...
Dox 2 years ago
Mafia Gaming 2 years ago
comment en télécharge?
Velosofy 50 11 July 2016
Just click the download button and make sure JavaScript is enabled in your browser.