Created Feb 02, 2019
Updated May 12, 2020
Software After Effects
Category Audio visualizer
Tags Guliveer _

Video is from MaRas's channel that I'm cooperating with... but I (as I'm owner and creator of this project) allowed myself to share with you guys my audio visualizer idea

!!!READ ME!!!


To replace the music simply just press RMB on the MUSIC at Project Resources tab (same steps if you want to replace background, just press RMB on BACKGROUND) then press RMB on "MUSIC" layer and go to "Keyframe Assistant" → "Convert Audio to Keyframes" and delete the old "Audio Amplitude" layer

If you want you project to contain gray box at the bottom instead of blurred background just make "BOX" layer visible and hide "BACKGROUND 2" layer

To change your project's lenght press "Composition" → "Composition Settings" and set composition duration time to your music lenght


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