Price Free
Created 06 November 2016
Last update 06 November 2016
Views 181,188
Dimension 3D
Software Cinema 4D
Category Intro
Comments 19
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GraFFF CLAN 2 years ago
how do you put your name
De Hondepolitie Labrador 23 March 2018
I downt now
megabad22 2 years ago
Nils Rugers 2 years ago
use sony vegas or adobe after effects
Explosions AJ 2 years ago
How do u do the name?
Serdit Asani 2 years ago
Mischa VlogGaming 2 years ago
niet goed
Itsmeluke 2 years ago
i can edit the name but i cant get te background where is it ?
K.K BROS !! 2 years ago
can you do the same intro but with this name.... K.KBROS
skysquad family 2 years ago
how u do this
NaDezz 2 years ago
Does Anyone know how to change the name
Azizi Djalil 31 January 2017
you need to have the software wether is sonyvegas or cinema 4d or after effect it depends
King Yam 786 2 years ago
Can anyone tell me
King Yam 786 2 years ago
how do i download
costa 2 years ago
It's coooool
GD MasterMind 2 years ago
Real Cool Intro Need In My Video An Will
DeAndre Rodgers 1 2 years ago
can you make me this one my name is DeAndre Rodgers
Dauntlex 1 2 years ago
Okay so does anyone know how to get the 'missing effects' in AE? I've just got the intro with my name, movement and song. No background or anything because I'm missing 12 effects.. I don't know if it's actually AE or C4D
Dauntlex 1 06 December 2016
Nevermind, I've found it all!
Itsmeluke 19 January 2017
How did you find them, i cant find mine anywhere i only get the name. HELp !!!
katie_vlogs101 05 February 2017
how did you do it
randomizer 12 February 2017
how did you do it?
Nash V Dalipe 2 years ago
Can you make me one..Like that...My Youtube Name is Nash V Dalipe
Music 小瓷 1 2 years ago
Is there a easyer way to download this ;(
DEZZMON 44 2 years ago
Velosofy ? Can you try showing my banners on your channel ? I need motivation! :(